Mission Statement

At HYCF, we are dedicated to helping the underserved communities of Malawi by providing the necessary resources to meet the basic needs of living.

Our main mission is to bridge the gap in gender inequalities in the undeserved communities of Malawi through the empowerment and capacity building of women and girls, data collection about gender discrimination and violence, and supporting more equitable economic and social opportunities for women.


Who We Are

Helping You Community Forum is a registered Non-Government Organization based in Karonga, Malawi, Southeastern Africa. As an organization based in Malawi, we have seen the issues that families struggle dealing with gender inequalities and exposure to HIV/AIDs to pushing themselves to extreme conditions to meet basic necessities.

We strive to work with communities to foster change and through the generosity of donors and our wonderful team of volunteers, we are doing just that!

Our thematic areas


To provide a healthy environment for the youth of Malawi to prevent unhealthy exposure to HIV/AIDS and lead them to a brighter future through education.


Gender equality through capacity building and empowerment, transparent and fair data collection. Promoting Female Community Leaders in Social and Economic Sector.


Traning of villagers in hygienic issues, waste collection activities, facilitation of the construction of public toilets, and awareness-raising about the importance of a clean and hygienic environment.


Tree planting activities, promotion and construction of improved firewood cooking stoves, briquette fabrication from rice husks, promotion of organic farming techniques, and raising awareness about environmental issues.


To help survivors of right violations, psychologically, and signpost them to other service providers for additional assistance 


Promoting Safe Motherhood

HYCF is accelerating progress to improve quality reproductive, maternal, and newborn health through amplifying women's voices.

Board Of Trustees

HYCF has in place a highly competent Board of Members who possess both professional and personal understandings of the development contexts in which HYCF operates its program. The Board of Members convenes once a year which shall be increased to three times up from 2020. Members are the following:

  • Mr. Edward Ngwemba, Liaison Officer for National Local Government Finance Committee (NLGFC) and Ministry of local government and Rural Development.

  • Mr.Caleb Pemba, Plan International Malawi Sponsorship Communication Coordinator.

  • Mr. Nick Ngwira, Lawyer and Legal Advisor for the NGO.

  • Mr.Jimmy Mzilahowa, TWESA in Community Development Executive Director.

  • Mr.Chawanagwa Gondwe, Clinic Nurse at Lighthouse Trust.

  • Mr. Benson Dumbo Mwenilondo Health Centre Officer in Charge.

  • Mr. Lameck Mphande Open Learning Centre organization Executive Director.


HYCF's vision is to develop an exemplary society by 2030 that is as free as possible from social and climate problems through sustainable environmental, social and educational projects. 

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